Forty to One is a small family-run business. We have been offering maple syrup for sale since 1990, when we first became members of the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association. Our customers tell us that our syrup is the best they've ever had. We're sure you'll agree.


The New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, and the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association have adopted the new International Grading Standards for maple syrup. These standards now include a description of taste with each grade, and the grade names have been changed. We now grade our syrup using these standards.


This Spring we collected about 4100 gallons of maple sap and boiled 19 different days to turn it into about 100 gallons of some of the best tasting syrup that we have ever made. The weather came in short spells of first too warm and then too cold but by working with Mother Nature and controlling our impatience, we ended up with a good season. We did not make any syrup that could be graded Golden, Delicate Taste, this year, and we made only a very small quantity of Dark, Robust Taste, near the end of the season. Most of the Dark grade has already been sold to our local customers, so we have only Amber, Rich Taste syrup available for sale on our website this year. Click to our Order page to see our offerings in both glass and plastic jugs.


Sincere thanks to all our customers who made 2016 so successful. We look forward to providing you with some of the best NH Maple Syrup again this year. As always, for those customers who prefer not to use PayPal, please contact us at


Updated April 6, 2017



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