Forty to One is a small family-run business. We have been offering maple syrup for sale since 1990, when we first became members of the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association. Our customers tell us that our syrup is the best they've ever had. We're sure you'll agree.



Although we started out this year with great weather and good sap runs, a slight medical issue in the middle of the season brought our sap collection and syrup production to an early stop. Luckily, after some quick surgery and a couple of weeks of limited activity we were as good as new. But by then, the sap season was about over so our total production for the year was about half of an average year. And because the syrup that we do have has been disappearing quite rapidly, we have not updated this webpage and our Order page shows that we are sold out.



We do have a small amount of Amber syrup for sale in each of the containers shown on our Order page without getting into those few jugs that we always set aside as our personal stash. If you need only a small amount for yourself or for a special gift, please contact us at and we will do our best to provide it to you.



We are looking forward to another successful year in the Spring of 2021, and are hoping to have a full production year. In the meantime, stay well.



Updated August, 2020



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