Forty to One is a small family-run business. We have been offering maple syrup for sale since 1990, when we first became members of the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association. Our customers tell us that our syrup is the best they've ever had. We're sure you'll agree.


What a strange New Hampshire Winter! We had very little snow, and very few cold temperatures through December and January. Some maple producers even started making syrup during those months. We tapped earlier than usual, making use of the warm days and little or no snow. Then Mother Nature reminded us that she is really in charge, and heavy snowstorms on unfrozen ground in February and March, kept us from accessing some of our sap collection sites. So we began our boiling in mid-February with sap from those taps and collection sites that we could reach and made some beautiful Golden and Amber syrup.


To date (March24th) we are still making Amber syrup and no Dark yet. The season may be just about over since the weather seems to have warmed again. A few more freezing nights will be needed to extend the season and allow us to make some darker syrup. So far, we have collected over 4,000 gallons of sap and have produced about 90 gallons of syrup, mostly Amber and some Golden.


We have packaged both Amber and Golden for sale in plastic quart and pint jugs, and those sizes that we have ready are shown on our Order page. As time permits, we will be packaging some syrup in glass jugs and will then update the Order page to show them as available.


As always, we will look forward to providing New Hampshire's best maple syrup to our returning customers and to any new customers who have yet to experience the taste of this liquid gold.


Updated October 16, 2023


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